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Max's Vacation Adventure 2006
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Day 1 in Australia  April 15 2006

Today was our first day in Australia and after the ten hour plane ride I didnít ever want to see a plane ever again in my life.  We woke up and pulled out the table that folded up and I started to draw. I was working on my turtle when dad turned on the  T.V. I eventually gave in and started to watch T.V. instead so my Mom and Dad went to get breakfast. After like 2 hours of waiting they finally came back. Later on David Jeanne and Gemma and her boyfriend Nick came over and we went to a market and the opera house together. We didnít see a play but I was right next to it. We went to have lunch but I ended up watching a street performer so my lunch was smaller than when it was served. We had supper in Watsonís bay then we made our way back to David and Jeanneís apartment.
Gínight Mates!


Day 2 in Australia  April 16 2006

Today David came and picked us up at our place in Sydney and drove us to Gemmaís and Nickís house where they had set up a mini Easter egg hunt and had a huge chocolate egg at the end. We all hiked down a trail to breakfast by the beach they had fresh water melon juice and the water instead of ice cubes had fruit in it. After breakfast we drove to Wollongong to look at the new road there. On the way there we saw walls on the side of the road that had dolphins painted on them. I fell asleep on the way there so I missed some things but we stopped at a place where you could look over the edge of a cliff and see the town. We then drove to Jeanneís brotherís barby (Barbecue in Australia) and had lunch. David drove us back to our apartment and mom went to get supper (we stayed pretty late at the barby) and we watched a movie. I was beat after the movie so I just crashed, But dad started snoring so we were up for a little while longer before we gave in and used earplugs.  


Day 3 in Australia  April 17 2006

Today is our last day in Sydney and were going to be going to Coffs Harbour. We woke up and went to have breakfast at pan díart a really nice pastry shop with almost every kind of pastry. After that we took a bus ride to center point tower where we saw a neat thing called Oztrek which is kind of like Imax except itís virtual reality and the chair youíre in moves to whatís on the screen.Then we took an elevator up to the top of the tower and looked down with binoculars which was  really neat. We went back down and went to have lunch on the steps near the water where there were some street performers. One of them would ride a bicycle without a front wheel! Later on that evening we had supper with Nick and Jemma at a restaurant called The Robin Hood and went home and to bed. Iím working on two drawings an Australia one and a Hawaiian one.


Day 4 in Australia  April 18 2006

Today we woke up and started to drive to Coffs Harbour with David I was reading Small Steps. On the way we stopped at McDonalds (Aussies call them Mackers) for breakfast unusually because we never go to McDonalds (Mackers). Then we stopped at a store to get stamps for postcards and I got some colored pencils. We drove some more and stopped at a winery where the adults tasted whine. We moved to cheese tasting and finally chocolate. Then we drove about 5 hours to Coffs Harbour and I skimmed through my book. By the time we got there I was half asleep but I woke up when I saw the place that we were staying.It was bigger than I thought it had a kitchen 3 bedrooms a living room area 2 bathrooms and it even had a guitar corner (David's)I fell asleep soon afterwards but I didnít know what was in store for me the next day. 



Day 5 in Australia  April 19 2006 4  in Australia 1/ 22 April 16

I woke up in Coffs Harbour while no one was asleep and sat in bed for a while when my dad walked in and said ďwant to go for a walk at the beach?Ē I said sure and we grabbed the wallet I put on my swimsuit and we were off. We came back dripping so I went to get changed and I saw a spider a big one too not quite as big as my fist legs and all but still pretty big. I got changed and asked David what kind of spider it was he said it was a Huntsman spider and were completely harmless but he said it was a baby one. David and Jeanneís best friends Murray and Annette came over and asked us if we wanted to see some roos (kangaroos) we said yes. They drove us around but we hadnít seen any so we went to this meadow and we saw a whole bunch of roos. (I got some pictures). Then instead of going home Murray and Annette brought us to a rain forest where we saw this huge gum tree. While we were walking back to the car Murray brought up leeches and I felt something cold on my heel but I forgot about it. Later when we were having brunch I looked down at my heel, it was covered in dry blood. Murray said it was a leech, and he told me that leeches suck on your skin until blood comes out then they put a liquid in it that makes it bleed and they eat the blood, finally they put a coating on it so it stops bleeding. If you pull a leech off before it finishes the spot bleeds for a while because they havenít put their special liquid on it.  Later David and I went swimming in their pool and my unsuccessful attempts of climbing up the slide made me mad enough that I actually did it. We then went to Murray and Annetteís house for supper. We had pina coladas and went home early. I fell asleep itching my leech spot.5 in Australia 1/ 22 April 17 2006


Day 6 in Australia April 20 2006alia 1/ 22 April 18 2006

Day 6 in The land down under

Today we didnít really do anything we stayed around the house all day and relaxed mostly. It was a read a book, lay down, take a nap sort of day. I went swimming in the pool for a bit while mom, dad, and David sat and read or typed by the edge. Later on I played tennis with David (he beat me badly) and after that I was almost too tired to eat (almost)


Day 7 in Australia  April 21 2006ali

sMy dad and I woke up early again and went to the pool. We swam there for a while, got bored, and walked back up. We dried off got changed and went to Annette and Murrayís house to pick up their sonís friendís 10 year old brother, Marcus and we went to the zoo. When we first got there we bought food to feed the animals with and went through to see the birds. We saw some really nice birds in cages but then a whole bunch of them out of cages came towards us. We fed them food and moved on quickly, then we came up to a cage with a white bird in it who said hello with an Aussie accent. We saw a bunch of other animals but my favorite was the kangaroos that would eat out of your hand. We went back to David and Jeanneís and Marcus and I played tennis.  Later on after Marcus and I were done playing tennis we went over to Murray and Annetteís house and went in their pool. Later on beat we had supper at David and Jeanneís house and I fell asleep before I hit the pillow.  alia 1/ 22 April 21 2006