Hawaii 2006 Day 1 and 2

Max's Vacation Adventure 2006
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Day 1 in Hawaii (1/7) April 6 2006

Waking up at 4:00 Am wasn’t easy, but somehow I did it and got ready for seven days in Hawaii. We got up, walked to the kitchen like zombies and had coffee and chai for breakfast. Then after we perked up, then we said goodbye to the dogs and hopped in the car where we picked up Morgan and Wendy (they were coming with us) and drove to the Gustke’s (they were coming with us too). We then drove to the airport and waited about an hour before we flew to Phoenix in Arizona. From there we walked straight through the airport where we waited for another hour before they told us there was an hour delay and we had to wait another hour before we finally got on the plane to Kona which was 7 hrs because of the delay. I met a kid on the plane named Rodrique who was an INCREDIBLE artist. We got to Kona finally, and we each got leis (a necklace of Plumeria flowers connected together) put around our necks. We got to our beach house and I just collapsed and didn’t wake up till morning.

Waiting at D.I.A. Airport or was it Phoenix ?


Me and my tongue over the Pacific Ocean.


Day 2 in Hawaii 2/7 April 7 2006

We woke up April 7th to the sound of the Hawaiian birds chirping by my window we had some breakfast and went outside to climb trees it was then I saw the palm trees and ran over to them. I had my crocs on when I ran over and when I got there I realized how tall they really were I tried a few unsuccessful climbs which each ended up with my crocs squeaking as I slid down the slick trunk. I finally realized it was my shoes that were handicapping me from climbing so I put on my tennis shoes and tried again. I finally gave up and cracked open a coconut on the ground. Later we went to the beach but not for very long, instead we went to another little beach where we saw 10 – 20 turtles. Later I started to draw a sea turtle   I fell asleep with a big sun burn.

Breaking open coconuts-difficult ! Success ! Note umbrella.

Ready, set, snorkel

Giant sea turtle. Puako Beach Big Island Hawaii