Max's Vacation Adventure 2006
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holly Mitchell
20 May 2006

wow, max!!! i finally had a chance to sit down and read your entires and look at a few more of your photos. you did a great job with this website and it made me a bit homesick for oz. peter and i loved the water dragon (goanna) that you wrote about who actually would come to the patio door and peek in sometimes, we thought that was pretty cool and seeing the pictures of all the campbell family made me miss the nice friends we had there. i'm so happy that you and your parents got to visit such a special place and maybe more importantly share it with people that you care about, it makes it even better. i was wondering if you might find time, maybe after the exhibition to do a slide show for my class before school is out. they loved their "mr. dodd" and you have some great pictures that would make their first 3rd grade teacher's life in australia more vivid i think. let me know if you think that is feasible in these last few and very busy days. i totally understand if that just feels like too much too. cheers, holly

Dee Huntley
12 May 2006

Max, excellent summary of your vacation. I felt like I could see you doing the things you were describing. The only problem is that, well, I want to go now!

Bridget Johnson
11 May 2006

The photos are so cool! Looks like you had a trip of a life time*** hope you thanked your parents a million times ;) thanks for sharing- Bridget & Matt

Dee Gustke
11 May 2006

Max, I enjoyed your adventures! Great job. Dee

Bill Gates
10 May 2006

Great Work MAx

10 May 2006

Hey Max, Great website! You are an awesome writer. Neighbor, Dory

Claudia Willis-Bunch
10 May 2006

Pretty awesome trip and website.

Tim Crean
10 May 2006

Hi max, Great vacation journal! I enjoyed following your adventure. Glad you are all back safe and sound. Tim

Marci Asner
09 May 2006

Hello Max, I have looked at one section so far. I will look at bits at a time. Very nice job! It is great for you to share your experience with others. I am glad it was such a good trip for all of you. Marci

05 May 2006

G-day mates! It's been fun reading your comments. We're coming home tomorrow. See ya soon

Tom & Cari
03 May 2006

Good work with the diary Max. It has been fun to read about your trip. Love, Tom & Cari

02 May 2006

Hi Max ! Hope you are having fun. I hope I get to come see you when you come home. Be safe. Love You.

Stuart Jackson
02 May 2006

Sup Max see you soon

David Dodd
24 Apr 2006

Hey Mad Max! Glad you're enjoying your stay with us here in Coffs Harbour. It's been great to read your perspective of the holiday because, as an adult, I only see things through adult eyes. So it's been refreshing to read about the parts of the trip that have impacted most on you. Hope we aren't wearing you out too much. Camping on the beach tonight will be fun. Remind us to bring the marshmallows to toast on the fire. Great website Max.

24 Apr 2006

Hello Max, Alex, Amelia, Alana and I missed you last Friday. We're looking forward to you getting back and meeting with us on Friday mornings. (Notice that your name is the only one that doesn't start with an A....kind of freaky, wouldn't you say?). They are very excited that they get two pieces of candy out of the tin now that you're fifth graders. I hope you are enjoying yourself.

Richard F. LaJoie
23 Apr 2006

Hi Max Congratulations Your really doing Great Keep it up love. Gramps

Deb Duguay
23 Apr 2006

Hey.... Where is the rest of your story?? Did you like it so well that you decided to stay there and hide out??? What a great job you di on this! I felt like I was right there with you!! I would love to take this trip some

Deb and Bruce Duguay
23 Apr 2006

Hi Max, I am looking forward to viewing this! Wow I am impressed!!! What a vacation!!!

Wendy Ingham
22 Apr 2006

Morgan and I love the pics...hope you are having a blast!! Nice job on the website you all. xxoo

Peter Mitchell
22 Apr 2006

sounds like you're having a great time, Max! It's fun to hear you tell about the places you visit and remember what it was like when we were there. It makes me miss that beautiful country and the fantastic people we got to know. Give a big hug and hello to Murray, Annette, (and the rest of the family), Terese, Steve, and all the rest of the bunch in Coffs Harbour. It's so nice of David and Jeanne to be taking such good care of you guys! Say hello to them and your Mom and Dad! Cheers!

Craig Yager
22 Apr 2006

Wow! Max, your e=journal is a treasure! Jewels everywhere. The kids at school were oohing and ahhhing as we read through the entries. Thanks for doing such an amazing job!

21 Apr 2006

Hi Max

Dan Stoops
21 Apr 2006