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Max's Vacation Adventure 2006
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Day 8 in Australia April 22 2006

Day 8 in the home of Kangaroos 

  Today I woke up really early and read my book for a while until it was a reasonable time to get up. The adults were going to go take a motorbike ride to the mountains with Annette  and Murray so dad drove me over to Marcusís house (Annette and Murrayís) when I got there Marcus was still asleep so I played Xbox for a while until he woke up. Then we went to town with Marcusís sister Abby and her boyfriend Nick where we got an Xbox game with dirt bikes and ATVs that at home we played for a few hours. We had lunch then went for a swim in Annette and Murrayís pool. Later we had a barby at Annette and Murrayís house and Marcus and I played Xbox (by then we were pros) We went home and I fell asleep almost immediately.


Day 9 in Australia April 23 2006

Today was a lazy day mom, Jeanne, and I stayed home while dad and David went to Davidís dadís wedding  (Editors note: On motorcycles, driving at 110 KPH on the WRONG SIDE  OF THE ROADWAY!)  Jeanne showed us how to make earrings and I made about six pairs in between drawing. It was really peaceful with nice music, the waves crashing behind us, the sun on our necks, and the beads glinting in the sun. We did beads and drawing almost all day and I wasnít bored at all once. As we were doing beads we heard a rustling noise I turned around and saw the biggest lizard I had ever seen. It was HUGE easily the length of my arm span and as thick as my arm. I managed to get a few pictures before it ran away. Later on we had pizza with Annette and Murray. And you probably think Iím going to say Ēand I fell asleep almost immediatelyĒ well youíre wrong! And I fell asleep immediately.     



Day 10 in Australia April 24 2006

Today Dad, David and I woke up and we went for a walk on the beach to meet mom and Jeanne at a resort for coffee/pineapple juice. Then we met Murray back at David and Jeanneís place and he drove us to a beach where you can drive right on the sand !On the way back through I drove the car (a little too fast) on the sand and got in the water with Davidís boogie board and caught a few really good waves.We stopped at a mall on the way home to get food and games. While we were there I tried on of those trampoline/bungee jumping structure and had a blast. Later on we had a delicious meal made by David (curry with rice) and I started a new book after wards called Ravens Gate, laid down in bed, and fell asleep.


Day 11 in Australia April 25 2006

Day 11 in boomerang zone 11/21. 

Today we woke up and started to pack for our camping trip at pebbly beach. We didnít bring any laptops phones or any electronics it was going to be fun. Later when we were all packed up we drove towards pebbly beach. When we got there we had to drive on sand and through water (a river) before we arrived at our campsite it was nice there was a bunch of bushes and sand and we were right next to the beach. We set up our tents and I went in the water with Davidís boogie board and caught a few waves. Later on we had a camp fire and Murray taught me how to play cricket and David played with me later. I went to read my book after supper in the tent and was interrupted by mom who said that there was a possum in the tree and I went to see it. It ate out of my hand and almost crawled up my leg before it disappeared in his tree. We got in our sleeping bags and went to sleep.


Day 12 in Australia April 26 2006

Day 12 in ďStay out of the water, croc poolĒ 12/21

I woke up and freaked out. I was in some sort of cave with a monster. I could hear itís breathing and it sounded like a truck downshifting on the highway. I chanced a glance in the direction of the noise. I realized I was in the tent and the monsterís breathing was my
dad snoring. I got out of the tent and stretched. Later on we had a breakfast of toad in the hole (an egg in toast) and bacon. After breakfast Murray found a goanna (a big Monitor lizard) and chased it into the bush. Later,  I heard it and thought it was a little rabbit or something. I tried to catch it. I scared it out and suddenly wished I wasnít so scary. A huge lizard easily 6 feet long shot out of the bush and up a tree. I stayed clear away from bushes from then on. Unfortunately we had to go so we packed up and went for a shell hunt before we left. night we ate out and got Thai before I was too wiped out. I fell asleep before we got home.


Day 13 in Australia April 27 2006

Day 13 in sad goodbyes country Land 13/21

Today Murray, Annette, Courtney and two other friends of D&J came over for breakfast and goodbyes. We had croissants and orange juice on the outside table. Murray left first and said his goodbyes We talked some more, then Annette and Courtney left and we gave hugs. We said goodbye to Jeanne and started the ride up to Brisbane. We rode for a while and I finished my book so when we stopped in Byron Bay I got a new book called The Dream Walkerís Child and ice cream I went for a swim in the water and was plummeted by a big wave. We drove up towards Brisbane while I read my book. Itís about a boy Sam who is really interested in bugs and crashes his bike when one presumably stings him and is sent to another world.
He alsoÖ



Day 14 in Australia April 28 2006

Day 14 in (Iím running out of ideas) land 14/21

 I woke up looked and did something really amazing IÖ.Fell back asleep. I woke up about an hour later and everyone was starting to get up so I got dressed and we set off to the transit terminal with David we had breakfast there croissants again and walked towards where the bus would stop. We said our goodbyes there and David walked off sadly. We found our bus and made our way towards Iíll give you 1 line to guessÖ 

The Australia zoo!

We took a boring ride on the croc express and when we finally got there it was incredible we first walked over to the croccaceam to watch 4 shows snakes, tigers, birds, and CROCS! We missed the snake show but the tiger show was incredible the tigers leapt off rocks, swam in the water, played with toys, you name it. And I know one of my friendís favorite animal was there. The tigers walked out and the birds came in. A man was holding two cages of birds and he talked about how smart they are and all that stuff and apparently he had two volunteers who stood up and went coo coo while he released the birds. The pidgeons flew away almost immediately and the guy ran after them while the real birds came out. There were lorikeets hawks and macaws plus a water bird that swam. The birds flew off and the croc came in. It was small looking in the water but when it came out boy was it big. It jumped up and grabbed the meat out of  the personís hand and swam off the person grabbed more meat and went to this platform that hung over the water and the croc jumped straight out of the water, grabbing the meat and gobbling it down. We got up went to have lunch and did so many things and saw so many animals that if I tried to name them all it would be wasting my vacation sorry. We got back to the hotel and just crashed like the croc hitting the water.